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LendingStats has just announced an update… And I think it has 2 cool features and a very nice upgrade to the LendingStats ROI calculation.

The ROI upgrade:

This caused their projection of my ROI to jump by almost 100 basis points (now at 4.85% as of this posting): RateLadder on LendingStats. They need change two more things… use the NetDefaults field of the new private data table LoanPerformance to find an average defaulted debt sale by credit grade and use the loan performance table to derive the actual loan payment history. For that matter they could calculate the roll rates from the loan performance table and not need to use the Penncro statistics.

Cool Feature #1 the LendingMap. The lending map lets you see the US in terms of Prosper default rate, loan amount, and average loan rate. I am not sure how useful this is, but it is kinda fun.

Lending Stats Map

Cool Feature #2 the projected originations on Prosper for the current month… It looks like Prosper will come in just under or right at 5MM for the month.

Prosper Growth

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