LendingStats Site Update | P2P Lending, Peer to Peer Lending, People to People Lending

LendingStats has just announced an update… And I think it has 2 cool features and a very nice upgrade to the LendingStats ROI calculation.

The ROI upgrade:

This caused their projection of my ROI to jump by almost 100 basis points (now at 4.85% as of this posting): RateLadder on LendingStats. They need change two more things… use the NetDefaults field of the new private data table LoanPerformance to find an average defaulted debt sale by credit grade and use the loan performance table to derive the actual loan payment history. For that matter they could calculate the roll rates from the loan performance table and not need to use the Penncro statistics.

Cool Feature #1 the LendingMap. The lending map lets you see the US in terms of Prosper default rate, loan amount, and average loan rate. I am not sure how useful this is, but it is kinda fun.

Lending Stats Map

Cool Feature #2 the projected originations on Prosper for the current month… It looks like Prosper will come in just under or right at 5MM for the month.

Prosper Growth

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2008 June 11 |

One of the biggest challenges facing blog owners is keeping their site looking fresh without losing their appeal. Currently, there are thousands of free themes out there that can be used by anyone, but there are few designs that are not already in use. For blog owners that want to stand out from the crowd, these templates usually will not work. Unless they have the capability to do their own special designs, this often means hiring a professional. Anyone, that has followed my blog over the last 1.5 years knows that I lack a certain… Je ne sais quoi… artistic flair. I have been considering hiring a design firm to help…

Stylish Web Design offers some very unique services for websites as well as blogs. They specialize in assisting site owners with completely new looks for their blog designs, as well as logo design and search engine optimization. Since there are many entrants in this particular field, this is a competitive industry. Does Stylish Web Design and their design blog have what it takes to stand out from the crowd? Let’s take a look.

We liked the fact that they are very open about their past clients. This shows two major things. First, they are proud of their completed designs and second, their clients are happy with the finished results and more than pleased to allow the finished results to be seen. In looking through Stylish Web Design’s profile we also noted something that was quite interesting.

Often, when you are designing multiple web sites, it is all too easy to fall back on the same overall design. The colors may be different, but we have found in the past that many design firms simply turn out the same old look, time after time. Stylish Web Design’s portfolio was quite varied and each site they listed looked remarkably different. The layouts used for text were new and visually exciting and we appreciated their attention to little design details that really make a site stand out.

We also appreciated the fact that they do offer a custom web design free quote. This is very helpful for website and blog owners that aren’t quite sure if they are ready to switch to a new design and offers them an opportunity to see what a third party would do if given the freedom to overhaul their site. This is an important part of the design process and can only benefit site owners. (I have requested just such a quote for redesigning this blog… as soon as I have a response I will add that to this post.)

Overall, we found that Stylish Web Design provided a nice, broad range of services for custom web design and blog design. They are up to date with all of the latest techniques, which can only benefit a site owner in the end. Their own site was a very good billboard for their service, and showed that they do know how to do complex layouts very well, and still make sure that they display correctly in numerous different browsers.

If you’ve been thinking about changing up your blog design, we highly recommend taking advantage of their free quote service and reading their web design blog . This may get you started on the road to a completely fresh and new web design that will keep your readers engaged with your content.

So what do you think? Without guidance as to my budget or to the costs of Stylish Web Design. Do you think Rate Ladder could benefit from a design over haul? Please leave a comment…

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Group Leader Tools | P2P Lending, Peer to Peer Lending, People to People Lending

As I am new to being a Group Leader I have only just begun considering the possibilities for improving and enhancing the experience, adding value to both lenders and borrowers. One of my main value add points to my group’s borrowers is my ability to market their listings.

Most of my ideas at this point are around marketing of my group to borrowers and marketing my group’s listings to lenders. In fact, most of my good ideas are the latter.

I plan on creating an RSS feed of my groups listings and hosting it on ProProsper and RateLadder. Would other GLs be interested in something similar? I am thinking 2 different versions. One version which is free would contain links to ProProsper and ads as the ProProsper RSS feeds do currently. One version which costs $10 per month would contain links directly to Prosper and thus be ad free.

The cool thing about an RSS feed is that you can publish them all over the place and subscribers can subscribe from whatever reader they prefer. They can be published at ProProsper, RateLadder, any other website, email subscription, readers can subscribe with RSS readers, my yahoo, my Google, etc.etc.etc. So by creating an RSS feed for your group it is another marketing tool for your listings.

If any GL is interested in the an ad free group specific RSS feed with hosting at ProProsper for $10 a month or an ad free RSS feed with hosting at ProProsper and RateLadder (more locations equals better Google search results) for $15 a month please contact me at kevin (at) proprosper [dot] com. I can have your feed up and running in a couple of days. The subscription also includes instructions for republishing and promoting your feed to other locations. In addition to hosting the feed, you will also be given a page on which your RSS feed will be displayed and you can add static editorial content and links to other sites.

Not included above, but a onetime post on RateLadder announcing and republishing your feed can also be arranged.

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Prosper Days 2008 and Freakonomics | P2P Lending, Peer to Peer Lending, People to People Lending

Prosper Days is the annual Prosper users conference. Last year was a blast (RateLadder Presentation). This year it is being held in San Francisco at the Parc 55 Hotel. Even though it is a users conference, it is open to both the community and interested parties. Here is the official Prosper Days 2008 website.

Stephen Dubner of Freakonomics is the keynote speaker. (I would imagine he will be worth the price of admission alone.) In addition, Net Banker will be on a blogger panel moderated by Jim Breyer, Director, Accel Partners. It will be a great time and learning experience for all who attend. The p2p lending evolution is coming — the paradigm is changing — will you be able to say you where there?

In FREAKONOMICS, Dubner and Levitt explore the hidden side of … well, everything- the inner-workings of a crack gang, the truth about real-estate agents, the myths of campaign finance, the tell-tale marks of a cheating schoolteacher, the secrets of the Ku Klux Klan and much more. What unites all these stories is a belief that the modern world, despite a surfeit of obfuscation, complication and downright deceit, is not impenetrable, is not unknowable and – if the right questions are asked – the world is even more intriguing than we think. When mild-mannered economist Steven D. Levitt published a paper linking a rise in abortion to a drop in crime, it set off a firestorm of controversy and had both the conservatives and liberals up in arms. But Levitt has no political agenda and is the last person to be called a moralist. What he is is a brilliant but uncomplicated man who uses simple questions to reach startling conclusions. FREAKONOMICS recently won the prestigious Quills Award, an industry qualified “consumers choice” awards program for books.

出價以繁榮API代碼例子QuickSnipe.java | P2P借貸,凝視的同輩借貸,人民借貸的人們 | P2P借貸新聞、信息、借款和借貸戰略

為今年我的ProsperDays介紹我展示出價以繁榮API的意志… ? 我建立了剪斷Java節目的一個快和骯髒的出價。? (這個節目沒準備好黃金時間作為出價的阻擊的工具,但是它是否是非常接近和一非常有效的演示。? 我說的原因它沒準備好是它缺乏記憶,意味它在同一個目錄在隨後通行證將出價。)

我認為API出價是第1步在一個勇敢的新的世界繁榮借貸。? 一,它容易地考慮到習慣模型。


它詢問活躍AA-C信用等級目錄… ? 如果目錄通過我延長相信過濾器(硬編碼) ?并且極小值繁榮計算了ROI價值(引起?繁榮,并且地板通過作為參量) ?并且極小的時間餘留在拍賣它將安置一個檢驗測試出價的或一個真正的出價。

什麼是這個代碼的延長的信用要求? 短的答復…非常緊緊。

  • 0當前DQ
  • 0-1在前6個月詢問
  • 0公眾紀錄在為時10年
  • 0 DQ在為時7年
  • 銀行卡運用在3%和80%之間

這Java代碼(我對貢獻了這個代碼 SourceForge繁榮API ?項目).? 它要求Java2WSDL和開放來源工具引起的API類由亞帕基印第安人基礎。

包裹prosper.api; 進口java.math.BigDecimal;進口java.math.MathContext;進口java.rmi.RemoteException;進口java.sql。時間戳;進口java.util。日曆;進口java.util。Iterator;進口java.util.TreeMap; 進口javax.xml.rpc.ServiceException; 進口com.prosper.services.ProsperAPI.DefinitionResult;進口com.prosper.services.ProsperAPI.Field;進口com.prosper.services.ProsperAPI.Listing;進口com.prosper.services.ProsperAPI.ProsperAPILocator;進口com.prosper.services.ProsperAPI.ProsperAPISoap;進口com.prosper.services.ProsperAPI.ProsperObject;進口com.prosper.services.ProsperAPI.ProsperObjectResult; 公開類QuickSnipe { 私有串m_Username; 私有串m_Password; 私有雙重m_MinROI; 私有int m_HoursToGo; 私有布爾m_PlaceBids; 私有ProsperAPISoap m_APISoap; 公開QuickSnipe (串用戶名、串密碼、雙重minROI、int hoursToGo,布爾placeBids)投擲ServiceException { m_Username =用戶名; m_Password =密碼; m_MinROI = minROI; m_PlaceBids = placeBids; m_HoursToGo = hoursToGo; m_APISoap = (新的ProsperAPILocator ()).getProsperAPISoap (); } /** * @param args * 公開靜止空隙主要(串[] args) { 如果(args.length! =5) { System.err.println (「用法: QuickSnipe用戶名密碼minROI hoursToGo PlaceBids “); 回歸; } 嘗試 { QuickSnipe qs =新的QuickSnipe (args [0], args [1], Double.parseDouble (args [2]), Integer.parseInt (args [3]), Boolean.parseBoolean (args [4])); qs.snipe (); } 抓住(例外e) { e.printStackTrace (System.err); } } 私有空隙阻擊()投擲例外 { DefinitionResult res = m_APISoap.log (m_Username, m_Password); 串象徵= res.getMessage (); ProsperObjectResult por = m_APISoap.query(token, “listing”, getFieldsString(“listing”,true), “status=2 and (creditgrade=7 or creditgrade=6 or creditgrade=5 or creditgrade=4)”); ProsperObject[] pos = por.getProsperObjects(); TreeMap timeLeftListings = new TreeMap(); for (int i=0; i<pos.length; i++) { Listing l = (Listing)pos[i]; Calendar end = (Calendar)l.getStartDate().clone(); end.add(Calendar.HOUR, (l.getDuration()*24)); long millisToGo = end.getTimeInMillis() – System.currentTimeMillis(); if (l.getNowDelinquent()==0 //my required extended credit and ROI && (millisToGo/1000/60/60)<=m_HoursToGo && l.getInquiriesLast6Months()<2 && l.getPublicRecordsLast10Years()==0 && l.getDelinquenciesLast7Years()==0 && l.getBankcardUtilization().doubleValue()=.03 && ((l.getBidMaximumRate().doubleValue()+l.getROINetDefaultRate().doubleValue()+l.getROIInterestAndFeesRate().doubleValue()+l.getROIServicingFeeRate().doubleValue())>=m_MinROI) ) { timeLeftListings.put(end, l); } } boolean pause = false; for (Iterator i = timeLeftListings.values().iterator(); i.hasNext(); ) { if (pause) // you have to pause to avoid bid throttling {try {Thread.sleep(6000);}catch (Exception ignore){}} Listing l = i.next(); Timestamp startts = new Timestamp(l.getStartDate().getTimeInMillis()); Calendar end = (Calendar)l.getStartDate().clone(); end.add(Calendar.HOUR, (l.getDuration()*24)); Timestamp endts = new Timestamp(end.getTimeInMillis()); long hoursToGo = (end.getTimeInMillis() – System.currentTimeMillis())/1000/60/60; System.err.println(“\n”+startts+” + “+l.getDuration()+” days = “+endts+” | Hours To Go: “+hoursToGo); System.err.println(“Bid on Listing: “+l.getListingNumber()+”\nAt Rate: “+(m_MinROI-l.getROINetDefaultRate().doubleValue()-l.getROIInterestAndFeesRate().doubleValue()-l.getROIServicingFeeRate().doubleValue())); res = m_APISoap.bid(token, l.getListingNumber(), new BigDecimal(50,new MathContext(4)), new BigDecimal(m_MinROI-l.getROINetDefaultRate().doubleValue()-l.getROIInterestAndFeesRate().doubleValue()-l.getROIServicingFeeRate().doubleValue(),new MathContext(4)), m_PlaceBids); pause = true; System.err.println(“Bid Message: “+res.getMessage()); } m_APISoap.logout(token); } private String getFieldsString(String type, boolean authenticated) throws RemoteException { DefinitionResult res = m_APISoap.describe(null, type); Field[] fields = res.getDefinition().getFields(); int count = 0; String s=””; for (int i=0; i<fields.length; i++) { if (authenticated || !fields[i].isAuthenticated()) { if (count!=0) { s+= ","; } s+= fields[i].getName(); count++; } } return s; }}Related StoresIf you liked this article, vote for it on del.icio.us and stumbleupon.


Happy Anniversary from Prosper | P2P Lending, Peer to Peer Lending, People to People Lending

Today I was notified that I have reach my 1 year Prosper anniversary. Prosper sent the nice email below…

Dear Kevin,

Happy anniversary and congratulations on your 1st year with Prosper!

Thank you for being a valued member of our community and for helping to make consumer lending more financially and socially rewarding for everyone. If Prosper has been helpful to you, please send us your story at stories@prosper.com and we’ll include it on our success stories page.

We trust you’ve enjoyed a rewarding relationship with Prosper and look forward to helping you get the great rates you deserve for years to come.

Best regards,
Your friends at Prosper

P.S. If you have family or friends who also want to take advantage of our great rates, refer them now and earn money if they borrow or lend!

RateLadder IRR/ROI Update April 2008 — (2.6%) to 14.37% | P2P Lending, Peer to Peer Lending, People to People Lending

Quicken is a simple default only ROI calculation performed by my quicken entry method: http://www.rateladder.com/2007/04/10/adam-nash-merged-with-rateladder-to-form-the-ideal-quicken-solution-without-prosper-integration/

The IRR is actually 3 related calculations… the Default IRR only counts defaults when they actually default… the Model IRR counts any prinicpal balance that is 1 month late or worse as have a value of $0. and the Average is the average of the 2. I havn’t updated this page is a while but here is the explanations: http://www.rateladder.com/my-prosper-irr/

Eric (http://www.ericscc.com) and LendingStats (http://www.lendingstats.com) both have ROI calculations that estimate your ROI… I think they both have issues with there projection and they both mean different things…

As for which one is “THE” right answer I don’t know… I know that the default IRR is the one that applies to my taxes, but it is also the one that ignores the late loans are heading towards default…

Prosper Debt Sale Offer Roughly 0.93%-4.83% | P2P Lending, Peer to Peer Lending, People to People Lending

On Friday, Doug Fuller gave an update on the debt sale.

Synopsis: Prosper put the bid file on an auction site, 8 bids received, all the bids were very disappointing, Prosper has not accepted a bid yet, and is exploring options for getting a better deal.

When asked how disappointing Doug Fuller further responded via comment…

Ok so then the next question is how bad is that?

Looking at the December results we see that the range of bids was from 2.8%-14.5%. Extrapolating, that would mean the current bids where roughly 0.93%-4.83%… I would say that is pretty disappointing… (I received a little over 25% from my 1st loan in a debt sale.)

I am willing to let Doug Fuller find other options… 3 cents on the dollar sucks.

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Prosper Standing Order Feature Request | P2P Lending, Peer to Peer Lending, People to People Lending

Previously I wrote about 3 features I wish prosper standing orders implemented and my new prosper standing order lending strategy. Having watched closely for a week or so I have decided that I need finer grained control.

I have 20 standing orders (4 sets of 5). Each set is tired on DTI. The sets are exclusive based on loan amount and non auto funding or auto funding.

The control that I would like now is priority amongst all my standing orders and then one step further based on my discretionary grouping. Each standing order has a priority for loans matching the criteria, but I would like to prioritize my sets of standing orders and the standing orders within the sets. If my priorities are equal then whichever Prosper wants can fire first.

Right now my standing orders fire more or less randomly based on available loans. It might be indeterminate, but I bet it is actually based on standing order creation date or the primary key column in the database.

I would like the auto funding sets to have priority over the non auto funding sets (so much so that I am considering getting rid of non auto funding orders all together — read this for more background: Auto-funding vs Non-auto-funding).

Then within all the auto funding sets I would like to give the loan with the highest increase over my maximum bid to have top priority. Within the non auto funding sets I would like the loan closest to auction completion to have top priority.

Now that would be sweet.

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  • RateLadder Presentation At Prosper DaysToday I am presenting at Prosper Days 3rd Party Showcase. Eric from Eric’s Credit Community leads off, then RateLadder, then 2 guys from UC Berkley. Here is a sneak peak RateLadder Prosper Days 2007 Powerpoint (unless you are reading this in the future) of my presentation: Here is the video: Here is……
  • Avg Rate Minus Default Rate Does Not Equal Expected Return — L5 RespondsPreviously I had some additional questions for the Large Lenders on the Prosper Days Panel. L5 Returned my email… Here is his response. If you can’t tell L5 is a sharp tack and I knew he was thinking correctly, I just wanted to be sure :) Thanks for your nice comments,……
  • New Loan Funded — Working Capital Loan for Post Production Company — $21,000 at 18.50% — B Credit — DTI 59%A new loan funded (Working Capital Loan for Post Production Company — $21,000 at 18.50%). I participated via a manual bid, this was an autofunding loan.  The borrow had B credit and 59% DTI. As a reminder my standing orders (and manual bids) only find loans with 0 current delinquencies, 10……
  • Auto-funding vs Non-auto-fundingAF vs NAF I have already blogged my affinity for standing orders over manual orders.  Given the choice and the current standing order options I would prefer only auto-funding loans, but there are too many good NAF for this to be the correct strategy. With auto-finding loans the interest……

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Two Millionaires Keep 5 Star Group Rating with Community Payments | P2P Lending, Peer to Peer Lending, People to People Lending

I appreciate your interest in our Two Millionaires groups on Prosper.com.

Please feel free to email or private message your questions if you have any. As you know I cannot respond on the Prosper forums because every time I post a message there the whole thread is quickly hijacked by the small group of people (probably less than a dozen) who dominate the forums with thousands of messages and seem to have unitedly decided that it’s great entertainment to ridicule my wife and I and to try to damage our and our groups’ reputation.

I have never before seen such behavior in a business setting, and that from people who are supposedly gathered for the purpose of helping themselves and others prosper financially…

Please do not publish my email address, I have already received threatening emails from people who were emboldened by the ceaseless enmity evident in the writings of a few fellow group leaders and lenders.

A widely held view is that their group similar to a Ponzi scheme. One day, sooner or later, the revenues they derive from group fees will be less than the amount required to keep all their loans current via CPs. When that happens, there will be a huge implosion, because the people who bid on their listings because of their star rating will be screwed. At least something like that seems to be the prevailing wisdom on the Lender Forum.