Zopa’s US Launch Imminent | P2P Lending, Peer to Peer Lending, People to People Lending

What we will be launching is a social finance community built around the idea of help. That will bear some explaining, in due time. For now, let’s take a sneak peek at our home page, ladies and gentlemen (you saw it here first):

Looks familiar, right? Lots of real people taking money out and putting money in. But Zopa in the USA will be very different, too. Here are just some of the ways we’ll be different from the sites that exist today:

  • No risk for investors.Your funds will be federally insured. No more worrying about whether your borrowers will pay your loan back.
  • Pick who you want to help.Investors will choose exactly who they want to help.
  • Set your rate.Investors will choose how much they want to earn, up to a ceiling.
  • No waiting.Borrowers will get their loans immediately upon approval.
  • Lower your monthly payment.Borrowers can actually reduce their loan payments after they’ve borrowed. They’ll do that using rich profiles…

How will we do all this? By using some very cool technology and a terrific partnership with leading credit unions. More coming soon! And we do mean soon…

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