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A few days ago I wrote about the Zopa CD being the best national cd rate at 5.1% after the federal reserve cut the fed funds rate by 75 basis points. RateLadder locked in the 5.1% rate with a 1 year $500 CD.

Alas if you did not take advantage of the 5.1% CD it is no longer available. Zopa has reduced the rate to 4.5%. It is a NCUA insured CD, which means it is guaranteed. At 4.5% it is not nearly as exciting and interesting as 5.1%. The top yielding 1 year CD in the nation is at 4.71%.

Wall street is expecting another rate cut and when/if it occurs Zopa might yet again look attractive. If history is our guide, you need to be ready if you want to lock in a great rate.

Zopa 4.5%

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