Zing Funding to Launch? | P2P Lending, Peer to Peer Lending, People to People Lending

#1Tomon 07.22.08 at 7:15 am

“Zing will be launched live at http://www.ZingFunding.com in October 2008.”

I have yet to see any of the p2p lending companies meet a publicly announced deadline for a launch or major feature. I’d be surprised to see them in October.

#2RateLadderon 07.22.08 at 7:43 am


We have both observed the same things… Another linked in profile I have access to said August, but I chose the public CEO’s profile.

Time will tell, but given everything what has happened to all the other companies, I would say that legal and regulatory hurdles are quite high.

#3Ericon 07.22.08 at 4:53 pm

Loanio is on time isn’t it? They say “Coming Soon,” so technically they have not missed a deadline yet.

#4RateLadderon 07.22.08 at 4:57 pm


They had said in a 2-3 weeks at Finovate in Feb. I am hoping they launch soon.

#5Tomon 07.23.08 at 7:33 pm

Well, we thought they would launch last fall. For awhile they were running ads announcing their launch in January.

Zopa took a lot longer than expected to move to the U.S. Prosper has taken longer to launch features than publically announced. It’s hard to meet a deadline, especially in this market.

#6Ericon 07.24.08 at 2:51 pm

Has anyone else tried http://www.globefunder.com/ ? They apparently don’t do business in Virginia. When I asked where they do business, the response I got was “We don’t do business in your state.” Gee, thanks!

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