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Also, their pages are made by nesting tables inside one another. Below is a code sample (I did a find and replace on the greater than and less than symbols with curly braces to prevent messing up your page.)

See: 13 reasons why css is better than tables

Code sample from http://www.stylishwebdesign.us — straight out of 1997:

{table style=”height:428px”}

{td style=”width:40%” class=”indent”}
{p}{img src=”images/t1_1.gif” alt=””}{br}
{br style=”line-height:22px”}
{strong}CUSTOM WEB DESIGN {/strong}{br} …..

What kind of website are you needing? I might be able to ask around for a few recommendations, but the ones that I can think of off the top of my head that customers have been really happy with are very expensive.

If you are wanting a theme for this site, I would not worry about changing it. This one looks fine. Also, wordpress does a great job out of the box of meeting web standards, but is not perfect. I use it for most of my websites because it does give great results for the cost and effort.

By the way, I should not be so harsh on that site because the design is very nice looking. It is probably a graphic design person who is great at usability and design but just is not great at coding it into current web standards. There is a company that will help convert your site it XHTML with CSS if you have a nice layout like that in an old HTML file or you have something designed in Photoshop.

Also, screen shot sent as requested. :)

I do often wonder whether giving my site a facelift with confuse my current readers and make them wonder if they are on the right site. However, I am sure that if I paid a professional designer to do the job, the results would be well worth it. I am just not sure whether it is worth the investment.

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