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WealthBoy, whom I met at Prosper Days, has just released WealthBoy ,我會見了在普羅斯珀天,剛剛推出The WealthBoy Strict ROI for Prosper Lenders WealthBoy嚴格的投資回報率為繁榮放款– an open source, sql based ROI calculation for Prosper Lenders. His calculation makes use of the -一個開放源碼數據庫為基礎的投資回報率計算普羅斯珀貸款。他的計算利用public and private data files from Prosper公共和私人數據文件從普羅斯珀. He was inspired by his Prosper Blog post: 。他的靈感來自他的普羅斯珀博客帖子:The Rule of 72 on Prosper規則72普羅斯珀. 。

TotalROI = (Total Interest Received – Fees – Losses on Defaults) / (Total Loan Originations – Reinvested Loans) TotalROI = (共計收取的利息-費用-損失默認)/ (總貸款發放額-再貸款)

For RateLadder that equates to對於RateLadder ,相當於

For the initial release he made no assumptions about the value of late loans.對於初次釋放他並沒有假設的價值,已故的貸款。But…但是…

It is an open source, sql based ROI calculation for Prosper Lenders… With the calculation being open source it is clear (assuming you can read through about 250 lines of SQL它是一個開放源碼數據庫為基礎的投資回報率計算普羅斯珀貸款…隨著計算正在開源很清楚(假設你可以通讀約250線的SQL: )exactly how the calculation is performed… As his sounding board during development I can confirm that WealthBoy put a lot of work into this project. I think this is a great addition to the Prosper tools.究竟如何進行計算…正如他的探測板在發育過程中我可以證實, WealthBoy投入了大量的工作納入本項目。我認為這是一個偉大的除了繁榮的工具。

At the moment it takes about 45 seconds to perform the calculation for the largest lenders at ProProsper… It will only take longer as more payments are made. This performance issue is the main reason I have yet to implement it at ProProsper as it will take some back-end engineering on my part to calculate the values in an efficient way in terms of server resources.目前,大約需要45秒鐘來執行計算最大的銀行在ProProsper …這將需要更長的時間只有隨著越來越多的支付。這種性能問題的主要原因是我還沒有落實,在ProProsper因為它會採取一些後端工程對我的一部分來計算價值的有效途徑方面的服務器資源。I expect to add it to ProProsper, but currently I am not able to find the time to do so… Hopefully soon… Or maybe Eric or LendingStats can add it first…我希望將其添加到ProProsper ,但目前我無法找到的時候這樣做… …我希望很快或者埃里克或LendingStats可以將其添加第一…

Anyway, I encourage you to check it out. Well Done WealthBoy!無論如何,我鼓勵你們來檢查了。 WealthBoy做得好!

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