Update of IRR/ROI Values July 2008 | P2P Lending, Peer to Peer Lending, People to People Lending

Another month another update… The picture is rather muddled right now between the accrued interest showing up in my account balance even on loans that are technically “charged off”and lending stats changing their algorithm… All I can do is continue to track and hope fore some clarity… On a positive note I have had no loans in the 1 month late category for most of the last month… (There are 2 in that category now, but for most of June they were not there…)

I am often asked what is the biggest thing I would do different if I could go back and do it again? I would follow advice very similar to Rich Credit Debt Loan in the post Making Extra Money With P2P Lending. I have learned a lot about credit risks and the like, but I would have much rather been more successful in my lending endeavours… My single biggest mistake in my lending was to ignore inquires.

Here is my current tracking chart…

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