UnderAppreciated Listings RSS Feed Update — Greater than $3MM in Fundable by Rate, Amount, and DTI Listings Expired | P2P Lending, Peer to Peer Lending, People to People Lending

I started my RSS feeds on March 18th… I thought I would check in on my favorite (Underappreciated Listings)…

There have been 827 listings profiled, requesting to borrower $9,057,314 or $10,952.01 per loan on average.

Here is the listing status break down…

StatusTotal AmountNumberPer LoanCancelled$455,27431$14,686.26Pending Verification$380,65031$12,279.03Expired$3,143,552287$10,953.14Completed$2,088,601210$9,945.72Active$807,50683$9,728.99Withdrawn$2,181,731185$11,793.14

And here is the Current Loan Status for Completed Listings…

StatusTotal AmountNumberPer LoanPayoff in progress$25,0001$25,000Current$2,063,601209$9,873.69

I think this shows a couple of things… One, Prosper is performing some verification (cancelled listings). Two, underappreciated listings are performing admirably thus far. Three, Lenders are leaving a bunch of very fundable loans on the table every day… (at least $50K per day from this RSS feed.)

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