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I appreciate your interest in our Two Millionaires groups on

Please feel free to email or private message your questions if you have any. As you know I cannot respond on the Prosper forums because every time I post a message there the whole thread is quickly hijacked by the small group of people (probably less than a dozen) who dominate the forums with thousands of messages and seem to have unitedly decided that it’s great entertainment to ridicule my wife and I and to try to damage our and our groups’ reputation.

I have never before seen such behavior in a business setting, and that from people who are supposedly gathered for the purpose of helping themselves and others prosper financially…

Please do not publish my email address, I have already received threatening emails from people who were emboldened by the ceaseless enmity evident in the writings of a few fellow group leaders and lenders.

A widely held view is that their group similar to a Ponzi scheme. One day, sooner or later, the revenues they derive from group fees will be less than the amount required to keep all their loans current via CPs. When that happens, there will be a huge implosion, because the people who bid on their listings because of their star rating will be screwed. At least something like that seems to be the prevailing wisdom on the Lender Forum.

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