Top RateLadder Referrers of My 1st Year | P2P Lending, Peer to Peer Lending, People to People Lending

Thank you readers. Thank you p2p lending. Thank you referrers.

12/26/2007 is my 1 year anniversary. As the start of the celebration I am thanking the top 10 (in terms of traffic for the entire year) blog referrers (some sites are more than just a blog). These stats are with my own traffic removed.

  1. Lazy Man and Money
  2. P2P No Bank
  4. Pro$
  5. Prosper Lending Review
  6. Freakonomics
  7. Prosper Lenders
  8. Psychohistory
  9. CleverDude
  10. Prosper Blog

I can honestly recommend all of these sites. AS with anything decide for yourself.

Thanks for a great 1st year. Merry Christmas.

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