» Standing Orders vs Manual Bids

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Think the best long term solution is Standing Orders. Standing Orders remove any emotion from the decisions as to which loan to invest. You can setup your standing orders and fire and forget. If you standing orders are optimal then you should be able to get into every loan that meets your criteria. Assuming you have enough money. I intend to devote several posts to my standing order strategy, but for now lets just cover the basics.

As I see it the only benefit to manual orders over standing orders is that with manual you can choose when to invest your money. For example, you could choose to invest it only in loan that have less than 1 hour remaining. With automatic funding loans this doesn’t matter quite so much as bidding stops the moment that they are funded. All other criteria other than length of time remaining is available in standing orders. Some future post will be dedicated to calculating the lost interest by having my money tired up in a standing order with multiple days till funding.

I personally use 10 standing orders. 5 for auto-funding loans and 5 for non auto-funding loans. I will dedicate a post to each int he future.

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