Rateladder Referral Listing: Guarenteed Money for Simple loan | P2P Lending, Peer to Peer Lending, People to People Lending

This is the cleanest A I have ever seen. I am a little surprised that it is not a AA.

Account Verified, DTI 9%, A Credit. CLEAN!

Purpose of loan: Supplement stock porfolio for more diversified lending
(explain what you will be using this loan for)

My financial situation: Have a decent sized stock porfolio in non-risky funds, just got promoted to engineer 3 at a fortune 100 company in semiconductor industry and have never been late with a payment.. Still a little angry my credit rating is only A, for my score on another bureau is 760=AA… This opportunity is for those people that want 0 risk, but higher than money market return
(explain why you are a good candidate for paying back this loan)

Monthly net income: $ 7000 (6400 monthly, about 10% bonus yearly)

Monthly expenses: $ 1300
Housing: $ 700 (apartment, no mortgage)
Insurance: $ 100
Car expenses: $ 200
Utilities: $ 60 (just electricity)
Phone, cable, internet: $ 50
Food, entertainment: $ 100
Clothing, household expenses $
Credit cards and other loans: $ 90
Other expenses: $

This listings has 2 problems.

I sent this borrower a message through the Prosper message system. Here is the message…

Welcome to Prosper.

Not sure if you realize or not but I referred you to Prosper.

I noticed that you have created a listing. Your credit looks great and I would like to bid on your listing. However, I think you rate is a little low. Maybe not for the final rate, but for the starting rate. At Prosper once a loan becomes fully funded lenders start to bid down the interest rate. It is important to start high enough to receive interest from lenders. The key to a low ending rate is a high enough starting rate.

I write a Prosper Lender Blog (http://rateladder.com/) and run the statistics site ProProsper (http://www.proprosper.com/).

I have written a small tutorial for creating a great listing. While the tutorial is on my group page, please don’t bother to join a group as it is not needed, especially with credit as stellar as yours.

Also, given your great credit I think you can use my AA starting rate suggestions and get to 100% funded without any trouble.

One other minor detail is that you should put a picture on your listing so that your listing is eligible for the featured listings section of the Prosper website which further helps in attracting lenders.

Just the listing tips.

Please let me know if you relist as I would like to bid.

Also if your listing is a good example I plan on using my blog to market your listings to my readers. I think this will further reduce your rate.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask… kevin at proprosper dot com

If you are interested in having your listing featured on RateLadder there are 2 ways to make this happen. You can chose to do both, but only one is necessary for receiving a listing review.

I cannot write about the extended credit of these listings as that data is protected by the Prosper Terms of Service. If you are a lender then I encourage you to log in and look for yourself, but if you leave a comment please don’t talk specifically about the extended credit. If you are not a registered user of Prosper and would like to be a lender I have a referral that will get you a $25 bonus when you make your first loan (click the link).

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