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Update: This listing has been withdrawn and relisted as an autofund at 24.25% and is still missing a picture… I think the 1st listing was better, but this one is still worth a bid.

I have bid (only bid if you want to do so).

A gem. CLEAN C. 49% DTI. High Rate: 29%.

Purpose of loan:
I want to pay off several high-interest credit cards so I can to try to buy a home in the next 6-12 months.

My financial situation:
My payment history is very good, but due to increased expenses the last 4 months, I’m starting to struggle. Making one loan payment instead of several credit card payments each month will be a great help in staying on top of things. My expenses went up because my younger brother came home from the Army and is living with me until he goes to college in January. When he moves out I plan to move to a smaller, cheaper apartment.

I have a very secure job and am trying to live as simply as I can: no cable, no home phone, no internet service, no new clothes, etc.

Monthly net income: $2760.00

Monthly expenses: $
Housing: $1295.00
Insurance: $85.00
Car expenses: Loan = $275.00 Gasoline, etc. = $175.00
Utilities: $30.00
Phone, cable, internet: $0.00
Food, entertainment: $375.00
Clothing, household expenses $75.00
Credit cards and other loans: $1060.00
Other expenses: $90.00

This listing only has one problem: No picture. It should make it to 100% funded anyway becasue it is so clean.

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