RateLadder Prosper IRR 12/1/2007 = 1.32% | P2P Lending, Peer to Peer Lending, People to People Lending

I am going to start reporting on this feature a differently…

Here is my permanent tracking page: http://rateladder.com/my-prosper-irr/

This month was a normal month. No major late debt occurrences (no repurchased loans, no debt sales, no bankruptcies). Also since my model IRR increased rather significantly I am assuming I had less than normal new occurrences of 1 month late or worse.

So what is new? Well first of all I a summarizing the events of the month (see above). And second I wanted to start tracking all of my ROI and IRR numbers in one place. Quicken isn’t available until the release of the lender statements and it will be added to the spreadsheet as soon as available. I will be tracking Quicken, EricsCC Estimated ROI, Lending Stats Estimated ROI, RateLadder Model IRR, RateLadder Default IRR, and Average loan age. By tracking all of these numbers in unison across time at regular intervals it is hoped to accurately show the account performance… With this publication I only 2 months of tracking on all of those numbers….

So without further ado.

Here is the graph:

Here is the data:

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