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My Prosper Listing has 1 day left in the auction. I reached 100% funding late afternoon last Wednesday. Today is the final day to bid on my loan request. Short of an Act of God this loan is as safe as they come.

My listing fell into the the conservative portfolio plan standing order #2 whose criteria is AA, not automatic funding, 0 current delinquencies, 0-1 inquiries in last 6 months, loan amount >= $10,000, debt to income ratio <= 40%, and 0 public records in the last 10 years. The plan will bid a rate of 10.5% on loans matching the criteria for lenders with cash and other portfolio balancing considerations.

My loan was 100% funded an my rate was bid down to 10.5% in ~ 4 full days. So the portfolio plan had 4 full days in which to add unique bidders onto my loan. Many bids and for what amount were placed by the portfolio plans?

It is impossible to say precisely, but I can tell you how many people bid at 10.5% and I think it is fair to say 90% (maybe more) where from the conservative portfolio plan. In total, I had 193 bids for a total amount of $12,872.87 (~$67 per bid). If 90% of those were from Portfolio Plan bids then 174 bids for $11,658 dollars were from Portfolio Plans. That is a lot of lending and pricing power. (For a full chart of all the bids on my listing grouped by rate bid as of last night please see below.)

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I used this code on ProProsper to obtain the data for my listing

select b.MinimumRate as ‘Rate Bid’, count(b.[key]) as ‘Number of Bids’, sum(b.amount) as ‘Amount Bid’
from listing l inner join bid b on b.listingkey=l.[key]
where listingnumber=272047
group by b.MinimumRate
order by count(b.[key]) desc

Rate BidNumber of BidsAmount Bidnull19624096.47000.10519312872.87000.1223191356.59000.11151062.93000.12131250.00000.1154201.37000.10454525.00000.1043151.62000.110231200.00000.12023450.00000.11253226.62000.10352249.29000.1192510.00000.11052101.62000.1112100.00000.10252250.00000.103150.00000.10331100.00000.1042150.00000.1049150.00000.1111150.00000.1075150.00000.1077180.00000.109150.00000.1193165.02000.1195150.00000.1199150.00000.1169150.00000.11751100.00000.1185150.00000.11491500.00000.1207150.00000.121150.00000.12131200.00000.122150.0000Related posts:
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