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As a dedicated and fanatical lender I have been trying to climb up the RateLadder. Put my experience to work for you, allowing you to climb down the RateLadder and obtain the best possible loan rate for your listing.

Membership and Listing Requirements

How dedicated? How fanatical?

  • I have been a lender since July 2006. I move money into Prosper to lend 5 times a week. I am an active forums member at both Prosper and Prospers.org.
  • In December 2006, I started my Prosper Lender Blog: RateLadder.com — Prosper.com Lender Blog, Lending Strategy, Rate Analysis and Personal Finance. My blog is dedicated to my Prosper journey. It is widely read amongst the lender community. I will use the power of my blog to attract Lenders to your listing.
  • I was one of 3 speakers at Prosper Days 2007 (the annual Prosper users conference) in the third party tools showcase. Here is a link to the presentation: Third Party Application Showcase.
  • In Feb 2007, I started ProProsper — Professional Tools for Prosper Lenders. ProProsper makes the publicly available data accessible to all with a focus on being the tool to find the solution not the answer… Listings in my group will also be made available via RSS at ProProsper.

Why am I qualified as a Group Leader?
As a lender, my focus is benefiting via higher rates from mistakes made by borrowers. I am trying to obtain the best quality listing for the highest interest rate. I have studied and analyzed Prosper rate arbitrage and site dynamics. I know why listings fund and I know why they fund at higher or lower rates than average. As your Group Leader, I will not let you make mistakes. I will work with you to make the best listing possible and hence the lowest possible rate. From a borrower’s perspective, a Group Leader is your mentor and expert. A Group Leader’s number one priority should be the success of the borrowers in obtaining the loan, obtaining the best possible interest rate, and repaying the loan.

What I will do!

  1. Help with your listing through review. I have seen many many listings and I know what lenders want. I will review your listing to help ensure a top quality mistake free listing. I will not let you make a listing mistake.
  2. I will use all the resources at my disposal to help market your listing. These include: RateLadder, ProProsper, Prosper forum, Prospers.org forum, and personal contacts with lenders.
  3. I will work with you regardless of your credit or other secondary factors as long as you are sincere and truthful in your lending request and meet Prosper’s minimum requirements.
  4. If your credit meets my lending requirements I will bid on your listing at 1% below site average. My lending requirements are 0 current dq, 0-10 dq in last seven years, 0-2 public records in last 10 years, and less than 75% bank card utilization. Even if you don’t meet my requirements, I will still work with you.
  5. Every listing in my group will receive an endorsement.
  6. I will inquire about any missed payments. We are a community that relies on honest borrowers paying back their loans. Circumstances happen, but my lenders will be kept in the loop as to what these circumstances are.

What I won’t do!

  1. I won’t require any additional vetting or documentation other than existing Prosper requirements.
  2. I won’t approve a listing with known inaccuracies.

Ready to get started? Let’s climb down the rate ladder together!!!

Join my group on Prosper, Climb Down the RateLadder

By adding a group many may notice that the numbers of ads is being reduced. I am continuing to prune ads in response to my readers suggestions. Please note that the ads pay for hosting and that donations are always welcome.

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