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Several days ago I wrote a post entitled Import Prosper.com Listing, Loan, Group, Member Data into Microsoft Sql Server 2000. I also posted a link in the prosper developer forum. I circumvented the main problem with the export (rows too large for Sql Server 2000) and posted a how-to (the previous link). I have been developing crystal reports against the data and they will begin to debut in the coming days.

A couple of days after that post I was contacted about presenting at Prosper Days (Feb 12th and 13th) as part of a 3rd party tools session. At first I hesitated, thinking how can they really be asking me my blog only started a couple of weeks ago. After deep thought, I decided I was qualified and it would be fun. I will meet some interesting and influential people in the prosper community and maybe some new friends as well.

So why Sql Server 2000, why Crystal Reports? The short answer is that is what is installed on my computers. The long answer it at my job I designed and developed a struts based toolkit that allows for easy and fast data mart application development. We used the toolkit to develop our flagship products for public, private, and nonprofit agencies throughout California and the United States. These products are primarily fiduciary accounting and case management. I have extensive experience building web based n tier applications and using crystal reports to build custom financial reports.

I expect I will talk about using Crystal Reports and Sql Server 2000 at Prosper Days, but it is still a month away…. maybe I will come up with something else interesting.


Please look me up at Prosper Days and say hello. I am the 6’10″ guy with a beard.

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