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Previously I wrote about 3 features I wish prosper standing orders implemented and my new prosper standing order lending strategy. Having watched closely for a week or so I have decided that I need finer grained control.

I have 20 standing orders (4 sets of 5). Each set is tired on DTI. The sets are exclusive based on loan amount and non auto funding or auto funding.

The control that I would like now is priority amongst all my standing orders and then one step further based on my discretionary grouping. Each standing order has a priority for loans matching the criteria, but I would like to prioritize my sets of standing orders and the standing orders within the sets. If my priorities are equal then whichever Prosper wants can fire first.

Right now my standing orders fire more or less randomly based on available loans. It might be indeterminate, but I bet it is actually based on standing order creation date or the primary key column in the database.

I would like the auto funding sets to have priority over the non auto funding sets (so much so that I am considering getting rid of non auto funding orders all together — read this for more background: Auto-funding vs Non-auto-funding).

Then within all the auto funding sets I would like to give the loan with the highest increase over my maximum bid to have top priority. Within the non auto funding sets I would like the loan closest to auction completion to have top priority.

Now that would be sweet.

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