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Ok I admit it. I have whored out my blog via the Prosper referral program today. I was not paid to do so in anyway except hopefully in referrals. I felt that this step by Prosper is exactly what the marketplace needed to grow organically and virally. Therefore, I decide that today was a Prosper referral program Post-o-rama. Thank you Prosper!!!

In posting about Propser’s referral program today I have included copious referral links. In the future, I will continue to use Prosper referral links. This does not change what I am or what I am blogging about. To that end, this will be my last blatant post about the referral program. Any referral links from this point on will be within the boundaries of my blog and it’s intellectual integrity.

That being said what do you think of the 3 landing pages of the referral program.

To me they are a little blah, but they are simple and I have had one referral signup today. So maybe they aren’t all bad. Btw, here is the email you get when someone becomes a referee…

Dear Kevin,

Thank you for referring a new member to Prosper. ErikBryan just joined Prosper, and if he or she becomes an active participant in the marketplace within the next 90 days, you will receive one of these awards:

  • Borrower: 0.50% of the loan amount when his or her first monthly payment clears.
  • Lender: $25.00 when his or her first loan is funded.

Earn more money by referring other friends to Prosper (link removed).


ErikBryan if you are reading this and would like some help becoming a lender or borrower please email me. kevin at rateladder dot com.

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