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Prosper Group RateLadder.

I would to thank the members of my group for their support… As I could have guessed most of my readers and friends are lenders… The Prosper group is now 12 strong…
I correspond with many of them regularly. I have gotten a lot of ideas for this blog, ProProsper, and Prosper in general from my core group of readers.

To me a Prosper Group is fundamentally about getting listings funded. To that end a strong lender core is key, but the very first requirement is that you have listings to get funded. If the Lister was able to get funded on there own they would do it without a group. A group can provide a borrower with a mentor and helping hand through the process.

Anybody out there interested in a obtaining a loan from Prosper? If you are you might consider joining my group. We are dedicated to helping borrowers climb down the rateladder. If you would like an invitation to join my group and/or Prosper please send an email to kevin (at) proprosper [dot] com.

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