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RateLadder Presentation at 3rd Party Tools Showcase was very well received. I would have liked a little more time for questions and answers, but the fact that people wanted to ask questions was great… I got some laughs and genuinely had a great time. There was probably 60 people at the presentation. If you were at the presentation please leave comments.

Let me back up. Eric Petroelje from Eric’s Credit Community was leading off… unfortunately the wireless connection went haywire right before he started. He handled it very well and started in on his site without visual aids. I was asked to start while they fixed the connection.

This illustrates that you should never give a live demo unless you can control all the variables. Same idea, but I always heard that you should never ask a question you don’t know the answer too.

A couple of undergrad students at Berkley (David McIntosh and ???) presented the data analysis they had done in preparation for evaluating keywords in loans and the results. Their talk focused on loan funding. I would be more interested in default rates. Regardless, they aren’t publishing the results yet for fear borrowers might game the system.

One interesting question I was asked:

Have I ever considered investing for someone else?

The prospect intrigues me, but I don’t see how the economies of scale would work… If I were charge 20% of the profit and I could earn 16% then I would need to be investing just over 3 million (10% of all loans at this time) before I would break 100K in compensation. So I guess I don’t see how someone could afford to pay for my time.

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