Prosper Corrects Mistake With Refunds to Lenders and Group Leaders | P2P Lending, Peer to Peer Lending, People to People Lending

Back in January we told you how Travler505 had brought it to Prosper’s attention that Prosper was not operating according to the lender and group leader agreements (Prosper Honors Agreements And Pays Interest)…

Yesterday, they finished the work and released the last of the refunds: Completion of Refunds to Lenders and Group Leaders.

The release of funds yesterday was the first impact on my account… It was not a very large impact, but I did recieve some additional funds from these refunds. How much did I receive?

Well I had 3 loans that were affected by the refunds.

#1: refund $0.01295 plus interest $0.000495

#2: refund $0.05222 plus interest $0.001875

#3: refund $0.02096 plus interest $0.000933

For a grand total of refund plus interest of $0.089433

I would imagine that some of the Group Leaders received far more.

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