Lender Game — RateLadder_com Initial Update — 12.61% to 12.61% | P2P Lending, Peer to Peer Lending, People to People Lending

I am RateLadder. I run this website. I am compelling because you are reading this. This blog documents my journey and is a more extensive writeup of what I am doing and why than any I could provide in a single paragraph. I encourage you to look around. I encourage you to interact and comment.

RateLadder_comDateModel IRRBest IRRAvg IRR1/31/0712.21%12.21%12.21%2/17/0712.61%12.61%12.61%DateCash FlowReason7/7/06($200.00)Transfer To Prosper9/19/06($200.00)Transfer To Prosper10/10/06($200.00)Transfer To Prosper10/12/06($400.00)Transfer To Prosper10/13/06($36.31)Transfer To Prosper10/17/06($200.00)Transfer To Prosper10/23/06($246.58)Transfer To Prosper10/30/06($148.28)Transfer To Prosper11/6/06($45.00)Transfer To Prosper11/7/06($600.00)Transfer To Prosper11/8/06($49.94)Transfer To Prosper11/17/06($435.49)Transfer To Prosper11/30/06($300.00)Transfer To Prosper12/27/06($300.00)Transfer To Prosper1/25/07($150.00)Transfer To Prosper2/1/07($225.00)Transfer To Prosper2/17/07$3,864.14Current Account Value2/17/07$0.001 Month or More LateNet Actual Cash FlowCurrent Account ValueNet Income Before DefaultsNet Income as % Actual Cash Flow($3,736.60)$3,864.14$127.543.41%

Here is the “Game” definition: Prosper Lender IRR “Game”

Here is the a sample spreadsheet: Prosper IRR Spreadsheet.

The “Game”‘s tracking page is at IRR Lender “Game” Tracking Page

If you your like to be included in the game please send your results with permission to publish and a short writeup… I can be reached by email at kevin (at) rateladder [dot] com.

I would like to start other games. Ideas?

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