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#1# 1Dave on 01.16.07 at 9:47 am戴夫在01.16.07在上午09時47分

My solution is to have a “ Cash” investment account, and a “ Principal” asset account.我的解決辦法是有一個“ Prosper.com現金”的投資帳戶,以及“ Prosper.com特等”資產帳戶。Once a month I balance them out so the Principal account matches my total loans principal balance, and the Cash account matches my cash balance.每月一次我的平衡,使他們的主要考慮比賽我總貸款本金餘額和現金帳戶場比賽我的現金餘額。This can be easily tracked through up to 2 transactions a month in the cash account.這可以很容易地通過後續跟踪2個交易的現金帳戶。One is a transfer from Cash to Principal representing any new loans.一個是現金轉移到主要代表任何新的貸款。A second is for increases in cash balance, with split categories between principal (transfer in from principal account), interest, and bank fees.第二是增加現金餘額,與分裂之間的主要類別(轉讓從主要帳戶) ,利息和銀行手續費。

It’sa bit more complicated then what you have above, but then you can keep track of the non-cash principal balance and what your paying in fees.這是一個比較複雜一點那麼您有上述情況,但你可以跟踪非現金本金餘額和你付出的費用。Also, it shouldn’t matter how many loans you have, it’s still 2 transactions a month.此外,它不應該多少貸款你,它還是第2個交易。

#2# 2Kevin凱文on 01.17.07 at 8:31 am在01.17.07在上午08點31分

That is interesting.這是有趣。I played around with it for a couple of days… Here are my thoughts…我打它周圍的幾天…這裡有我的想法…

It doesn’t solve my main grip which is tracking my Gain/Loss and ROI.它並不能解決我主要抓地力這是跟踪我的增益/損耗和投資回報率。

You are quite clear about your pros, but I think there is at least one con to having your Prosper account split into two accounts.你很清楚地了解您的利弊,但我認為至少有一個協商,以讓您的普羅斯珀帳戶分為兩個帳戶。What is your current balance?什麼是您目前的平衡?You have to add to accounts.你必須添加到帳戶。

Given I cant get my prosper tax info from quicken and that I will be going to prosper regularly to check on loans and payments and such.鑑於我不能讓我的繁榮稅從加快信息,我將去繁榮定期檢查貸款和付款等。Seeing my fees on the website is adequate.看到我的學費在網站上是足夠的。

My one umbrella account has fess handled as I only deposit realized interest which by definition has fees removed.我的一個總括的帳戶已二十二處理,我只實現了存款的利息費用的定義刪除。

I think the issue and dilemmas we are both coming to grips with need to be addressed by quicken and prosper.我認為這個問題和難題,我們都來對付需要加以解決的加快和繁榮。

#3# 3Adam Nash亞當納什on 04.09.07 at 10:06 pm在04.09.07在下午10點06

Hi RateLadder,您好RateLadder ,

I thought it would be good to post my Quicken solution, which is based on having a separate security for each Prosper loan.我想這將是一件好事後我加快解決辦法,這是根據一個獨立的安全,每一個興國的貸款。See看見my post here在這裡我的文章. 。

I totally agree it would be better for Prosper to support downloadable transactions, or at least, an export to Quicken that we could use.我完全同意將更好地為繁榮,以支持下載的交易,或者至少,出口加快,我們可以使用。


#4# 4Psychohistory How to Track Prosper Loans in Quicken 2007 (Mac OS X) «心理如何跟踪普羅斯珀加快貸款2007年(的Mac OS X ) «on 04.09.07 at 10:09 pm在04.09.07在下午10點09分

[…] Update (4/10/2007): has their own solution… not as accurate as the one above, but worth linking to. I agree with them that it would be better for Prosper to offer a Quicken-compatible download format. […]更新( 2007年四月十日) : RateLadder.com都有自己的解決方案…不準確的一個以上,但價值相聯繫。我同意他們,最好的繁榮,提供了一個加快兼容的下載格式。Posted in Personal Finance, E-Commerce, Economics.張貼在個人理財,電子商務,經濟學。 […]

#5# 5RateLadder.comRateLadder.comon 04.10.07 at 6:24 am在04.10.07在上午06時24分

[…] I think a hybrid of his approach and mine (simplified cashflows only: […]我認為他的雜交方法和掃雷(簡化的現金流只有: ) would work great and be manageable… Here is my proposal merge my existing approach with his… (I haven’t tried this yet, but I think it will work great.) […] )將偉大的工作和管理…這是我的建議合併現有的做法,他… (我還沒有想這個,但我認為這將極大的工作。 ) […]

#6# 6btpworldwide on 12.06.07 at 8:15 pmbtpworldwide上12.06.07在下午8時15分

I share your frustration as how to accurately keep track of my Prosper portfolio thru Quicken.我同意你的挫折感,如何準確地掌握我國普羅斯珀組合通過加快。I am using Quicken Premiere ‘08 and it includes a Home and Business free 60 day trial that I’m using.我使用的加快首映08年,它包括一個家庭和企業免費60天的試用期,我使用。Through that, I’ve started an “Accounts Receivable” acct where I create an invoice for each loan I fund and a Business spending (cash) acct to track everything from Prosper in my Quicken Biz Acct.通過這一點,我已經開始了“應收帳款”帳戶,我創造的發票每筆貸款予基金和企業支出(現金)帳戶追踪,從繁榮我國加快商業會計。I’m still experimenting with this to see what works better and open to new ideas.我仍然嘗試,看看是什麼在起作用更好的和開放的新想法。This is all Terra-Incognita for me.這是所有地球根結線蟲對我來說。

#7# 7Deborah G.德博拉灣on 02.15.08 at 11:12 am在02.15.08在上午11時12分

“My mother said to me, “If you are a soldier, you will become a general. “我媽媽對我說, ”如果你是一名士兵,你將成為一種普遍。If you are a monk, you will become the Pope.” Instead, I was a painter, and became Picasso.”如果你是一個和尚,你將成為教皇。 “相反,我是一個畫家,並成為畢加索。 ”
Pablo Picasso.畢加索。

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