Prosper API Now Has ListingKey On Loan Table | P2P Lending, Peer to Peer Lending, People to People Lending

A nugget that I missed from the Mid August Prosper Upgrade is that the loan and listing objects in the API are now tied together with a Prosper provided listing key on the loan object. While I had achieved 99.8% loan to listing matching, I was still missing a few.

Listing 30409 was funded, and then defaulted.

When I do

select * from listing, loan

where listingnumber = 30409

and loan.listingkey = listing.[key]

I get nothing back. Is something amiss with the listing keys or is there a row missing for that loan?

Just wondering…thanks!

The final result being that ProProsper is now using the Prosper provided loan to listing matching and Leporello’s earlier sql now returns a row.

Leporello then showered praise. Flattery and donations/tips will get you everywhere…

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