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Pensioner the former #1 lender on Prosper by amount invested (over $750K at peak) has been generous enough to share his debt sale results with RateLadder and my readers. Thank you Pensioner. This is important information for the community at large.

All of Persioner’s loans that have been sold were done so via the May 2007 debt sale (he has also had 2 loans go bankrupt.) Prosper’s reporting of the debt sale results are here: Default Sale History and reprinted below.

Date /
Loans soldPricing (% of principal balance)Dec 2006
51 loans sold

  • 27 – 30%: Homeowners with any credit grade
  • 15 – 18%: Non-homeowners with a credit grade of D and above
  • 3.0 – 3.7%: Non-homeowners with a credit grade of E and HR

May 2007
294 loans sold

  • 16 – 19%: Homeowners
  • 2.4 – 3.3%: Non-homeowners

It looks like Prosper’s own reporting is slightly low. Pensioner had 1 loan sell for 21.8% However, most of his loans fall into the 2.4%-3.3% bracket.

College student in needorigination10/26/06sale05/31/07Credit GradeDDTIN/AHomeownerNoamount$2,500.00rate28.50%principal repaid$114.04sale amount$70.86% paid3.0%repositioning myself to prosperorigination10/03/06sale05/31/07Credit GradeEDTI103%HomeownerNoamount$3,549.01rate29.00%principal repaid$125.94sale amount$100.45% paid2.9%Urgent Need For Help From Lenders! origination8/28/06sale05/31/07Credit GradeEDTI8%HomeownerNoamount$4,146.73rate28.00%principal repaid$191.64sale amount$118.73% paid3.0%Business Expansion origination8/21/06sale05/31/07Credit GradeCDTI36%HomeownerYesamount$8,450.50rate25.00%principal repaid$1,637.77sale amount$1,482.56% paid21.8%TO ALL LENDERS THAT FUNDED MY LOAN origination8/10/06sale05/31/07Credit GradeEDTI12%HomeownerNoamount$7,450.00rate28.00%principal repaid$475.91sale amount$205.18% paid2.9%Expanding Businessorigination8/406sale05/31/07Credit GradeDDTIN/AHomeownerNoamount$6,000.00rate26.50%principal repaid$488.37sale amount$151.72% paid2.8%Import and Distribution of Apparel origination7/28/06sale05/31/07Credit GradeDDTI13%HomeownerNoamount$4,634.75rate24.00%principal repaid$478.65sale amount$109.98% paid2.6%Blog Traffic ExchangeRelated PostsBlog Traffic ExchangeRelated Websites

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