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Other than a brief flirtation with the Draft Gore movement I have stayed away from my political views on RL, but I am afraid I can no longer stay silent. I am an off the deep end libertarian who believes that Clinton proved to be an awesome president (in terms of free will, government staying out of personal life, and fiscal responsibility.) My other political concerns are the environment, trade deficit, our dangerous reliance on foreign oil (boo swift boat campaign but yeah wind, solar, and natural gas as our way out of the problem. I have a love/hate thing with T Boone Pickens), modern copyright law, and privacy rights. (in terms of both privacy and copyright Joe Biden is less than ideal as a VP choice with his support of FBI wire taps and support of the RIAA and MPA, but at least he understands the issue even if I disagree with him… and yes that was a Palin and McCain dig.)

Can you believe that Pennsylvania’s law makers do not believe the citizens of the great state of Pennsylvania have the where with all to do with their money as they see fit (see Prosper Blog post: Lenders residing in PA).

I can barely even imagine someone telling me what I should do with my hard earned money. If I choose to help my fellow American by extending credit to them, why on earth should I not be allowed to? (I don’t believe in protectionism borrowing rates either aka state rate caps, but I think there is at least something to debate on that front.)

Don’t even get me started on how bailing out the greedy PRIVATE corporations (AIG et al) with PUBLIC money only encourages further GREED. (AIG turned down on the table offers prior to the government bailout. Why? They thought they could get a better deal from the government and they were right.)

So what can a Pennsylvania “Lender” do?

  1. The most obvious thing is to email, phone, and mail you state legislator and Governor. The PA government needs to know that the citizens of PA think it is ridiculous that they are being told that they cannot invest in their fellow American.
  2. A slightly less copacetic way around the problem is to use an alternative address other than you PA address. Do you have a vacation home? Maybe Earth Class Mail?

Please understand, I am not an anarchist and I do not believe in subverting the government. I do believe in fiscal responsibility, individual rights, and the freedom to spend and invest your money as you see fit.

PA get a grip! You are a presidential battle ground state. Do you think your citizens cannot think for themselves and make their own choices?

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