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Lightening Round first. Suze Orman or Dave Ramsey? Apple or PC? Pepsi or Coke? Soda or Pop?
Dave Ramsey, but I could live without either. Apple without question. Pepsi (sorry Mr. Buffett). Pop as a child; soda as an adult (I moved east). Funny story. I attended Brown University for a time. One day I approached […]

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The hacker who exploited cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities on Prosper called their security “above average” in a post on prospers.org. Although their security is better than most financial sites, the XSS vulnerability is significant and could …

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I’ve written about the mistake I made on this listing: 247456 before, looks like this deadbeat is heading straight for default. First payment was late and now second payment is late :(Here is a shot of a car from the listing. Anyone recognize it (ass…

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As Tom over a Prosper Lending Review has noted, a ninja has managed to spot a CSS vulnerability in Prosper’s website. Prosper has provided an official reply to this:

We were contacted by this blogger about this vulnerability in Prosper’s site on Feb…

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Even the best estate plan may leave some details of your life difficult to decipher. For these, it may be appropriate to share some of your secrets in case you should die.
The type of information I’m talking about is that which could probably be determined after your death, but might be difficult to do so […]

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Towards the end of last year, Kiva decided to allow partners to post loans for groups of borrowers in addition to individual borrowers. The main reason we decided to move forward with this is that it represents a truer picture of what’s happening on …

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According to GhettoWebmaster.com, Prosper’s listing feature is open to XSS attacks and other hacks. GettoWebmaster demonstrated the potential by changing the background color of his own humorous borrower listing: Ninjas need funding for anti-pirate pro…

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As there is no Zopa loan statistics site, it is not possible to track the Zopa growth daily. You have to wait for the instances where Zopa announces milestones.
Today Zopa – in an announcement to celebrate it’s third birthday, said:
Since we launched in March 2005, £20 million in unsecured personal loans have been arranged […]

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As you’ve probably guessed by now… we’re all in the celebrating mood. It’s our 3rd birthday (have we mentioned that enough yet?), it’s Friday and… well I think that’s reason enough for some merriment!
So, I’ve been accosting people in the office, asking them what 3 things they’ll be doing to celebrate our birthday. I’ve picked […]

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It’s not just us celebrating our birthday today, here’s a few of our members that are also celebrating being a year older(!) today.
Personal favourite ID has to be bumplump! Happy birthday to you all.

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When you hear about people who file bankruptcy, what normally comes to your mind? Is it someone who is a spendthrift, has a zillion credit cards and can’t seem to hold on to a job? Maybe those who live with a lot of vices that have taken over their lives? True, a lot of what […]

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Last week McDonald’s had a special promotion for their new McSkillet Burrito. On Thursday and Friday, they were giving away a free burrito. The commercial promoting it didn’t seem to have any fine print. I’ve never been one to turn down a burrito or a bargain, so there was little doubt that I would be there – both days if the burrito was good.
When I got there on Thursday, there was a surprise waiting for me. It was a free McSkillet Burrito with the purchase of a medium drink. Hmmm, the commercial seemed to lie, […]

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What do you need at a third birthday party?
First thing we think of is balloons! what do you need if you don’t have a giant canister of helium to blow them all up? You need a Jesper!
Our Jesper took a minute to help create an impressive(!) wall of balloons. He’s having a sit down […]

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Zopa is three years old today!
It isn’t just us who’s reached the grand age of 3 – today also marks the third birthday of peer-to-peer lending. We were the very first P2P company when we launched in 2005 and now, three years later there are more than 20 around the globe.
A few months […]

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Some of my RSS subscribers may notice multiple versions of the same article and some articles from the Prosper blog showing up in my feed. As you may have noticed, I’m trying to bring my own articles written for Prosper into Lazy Man and Money (I have their permission for this). Unfortunately, there appears to some bugs in the system. I think I’ve fixed the bugs, but I felt I owed you an explanation.
I apologize for the inconvenience.
Recommended by Lazy Man: Zecco.com – Join now and trade stocks for free (no commissions).
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We’ve crossed countless rivers. Climbed many mountains. And now, finally, we are three years old.
That’s right, it’s our third birthday today (it’s already March 7, Greenwich Mean Time!). It seems like it was only yesterday that we were but a twinkle in our founders’ eyes. And look at us now. […]

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One of the recent listings I was bidding on has been canceled. At first I thought the borrower had withdrawn because of the interest rate, but then I clicked on lee4tally and “Member Page Not Available boxCreate(’meta-page_title’); …

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Alexander Ovechkin is one of the NHL’s brightest young stars.
Like many of his fellow players, the Washington Capitals’ forward has benefited from some of the exciting rule changes in the new NHL that put a premium on speed, athleticism, and goal-scoring. The game has opened up a lot since the lockout of 2004-2005, and […]

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P2P lending service Zopa – already present in the US, the UK and Italy announced it will launch in Japan.
Zopa Japan will be led by Chairman Takashi Yoneda and Managing Director Tatsuya Kuboi, both highly experienced and distinguished technology-based financial services professionals. Zopa Japan further strengthens Zopa´s position as the leader in its field. Zopa […]

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It occurred to me the other night that if it weren’t for John Witchel, I wouldn’t have a blog here. I figured I should say thanks.I suppose you might be wondering why it was John Witchel who is responsible for this. Well, here’s the story as I rem…

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German p2p lending service Smava.de yesterday introduced an optional insurance for borrowers. Borrowers can take out an insurance together with their loan. In the case of death, disability or unemployment (through no fault of one’s own), the insurance will pay the repayments. To offer the residual debt insurance (see a definition of residual debt insurance), […]

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As I had previously observed, Prosper seems to have more lenders chasing loans than there are borrowers to take the money for some classes of loans. One such class encompasses just about anything that’s inside one of Prosper’s standard portfolios. If a…

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I don’t normally re-post blogs, but I found this posting from the WSJ and found it particularly interesting. In fact, I have some experience with this area as I know someone in my local market that has executed the home squatter strategy to near perfe…

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A new book on Prosper.com goes on sale today — The Complete Guide To Prosper.com. I meet the author at Prosper Days and he gave me an advanced copy… I have read it and here are my thoughts… Books are a tough medium for an up and coming ever evolving startup… However, this book had […]

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High ROI Lender Panel

In late November 2007 I was invited to participate in Prosper Days 2008’s High ROI Lender Panel moderated by Eric at ericscc.com . I gladly accepted the offer not only because I wanted to be one of the few cool people on a panel, but also because I have never given a presentation to an audience of that size before. What a neat opportunity!

Of course, at the time I was

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Have you noticed how your grocery store is designed? If it’s like most stores, the are raw ingredients (dairy, meat, vegetables) are around the perimeter. If you want a frozen dinner, some cake mix, or a bag of Fritos, you have to venture the aisles. It’s the food in the aisles that I want to talk about today.

It’s widely recognized that many prepackaged foods earn a great amount of money for food manufacturers. It makes sense that they would charge more since they are often the most convenient (and often addictive) foods. Consumers realize that there is value in being able to quickly microwave some food or solve a craving for salt or caffeine. Everyone wins… except your wallet.

Last week, on CNBC, I watched the CEO of Hormel foods trumpet the success of their new Hormel Compleats product line. Yesterday, at the grocery store, I realized that Campbell’s Healthy Request Chunky Soups must be helping the company’s bottom line. At $3.29 for a 240-calorie can of New England Clam Chowder, it would cost me nearly $7.00 for lunch. The cost of that meal comes out to be 73 calories/dollar.

However, not all packaged convenience foods are expensive. There are some real bargains to be had. I found that General Mills’ Totino’s pizza can be purchased at my local Wal-Mart for $1.00. At 700 calories, the complex math comes out to be… 700 calories/dollar – it’s nearly 1/10th the price of Campbell’s New England Clam Chowder. It’s tough to match the Totino’s for a complete meal on a calorie/dollar ratio. If you are looking for something to augment a meal I’ve found that I can buy Ramen noodles (the great college standby) at 2500 calories/dollar. Lastly, the Banquet line of frozen dinners often come in at around 400 calories/dollar (depending on the variety). Some of them even score high on taste tests. It might be worth noting that with rising food prices, many of these cheaper foods have stayed the same price.

There is a price to pay for these cheaper convenience foods. They are packed with unhealthy ingredients like high-fructose corn syrup and/or sodium. However, even some of the “healthier foods” like soup have much more sodium than a dietitian would typically recommend. Everything is a balance. If you are on a budget it might be worth thinking about how you might save money on packaged foods. And if you are going with packaged foods, you might want to make sure you spend more time at the gym.

Lazy Man has been a lender at Prosper since February 2006. He is the author of the personal finance blog, Lazy Man and Money and the health and fitness blog, Lazy Man and Health.

Have you noticed how your grocery store is designed? If it’s like most stores, the are raw ingredients (dairy, meat, vegetables) are around the perimeter. If you want a frozen dinner, some cake mix, or a bag of Fritos, you have to venture the aisles. It’s the food in the aisles that I want to […]

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Sean Bauer’s “The Complete Guide To Prosper.com” is on sale today. As part of the promotion, anyone who buys the book today from this site will receive a $900 value in electronic books. I contributed 5 posts which you can read here in the form of a PDF. The promotional company pressed me for a “value” so I tossed out the magical $19.95 price. I think others probably also picked a number out of a hat.
The concept of a book about Prosper is interesting to me. One thing that I learned at Prosper Days is that it […]

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