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My second lending club late has infected my account. It was a small loan to a super clean borrower… These loan are not the one that typically go late. I have high hopes that it will cure…

Chech out these stats.

FICO Range:714+Earliest Credit Line11/2000Open Credit Lines6Total Credit Lines7Revolving Credit Balance$4,500.00Revolving Line Utilization13.00%Inquiries in the Last 6 Months0Accounts Now Delinquent0Delinquent Amount$0.00Delinquencies (Last 2 yrs)0Months Since Last Delinquency0Public Records On File0Months Since Last Record0

Clean as a whitsle…

Much has been made of the Prosper collections (or lack thereof until the hiring of Doug Fuller). I wonder… will Lending Club’s collections be any better? I hope so, but only time will tell. I will be sure to keep my readers informed.

Update… I just logged into my LC account and this loan is back to current…

If you would like to try Lending Club I suggest you sign up with a referral link. You will receive $25 signup bonus ($50 if you deposit $1000 or more), which covers your 1st (or first 2) defaulted borrowers. Here is a referral link to sign up and receive the $25 bonus: Signup via this link and receive a $25 startup bonus.


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