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Normally, I expect to update My Prosper Internal Rate or Return twice a month: last day of the month for account value and the day I get the monthly statement. Since posting My Prosper IRR yesterday, I have gotten my monthly statement; hence, there will be 3 updates this month (yesterday, today, and the last day of the month). I received $25.40 in interest last month (note received as opposed to accrued).

That changes my December cash flow to ($274.60) — the ($300) I deposited and $25.40 in interest.

Here are teh adjusted cash flows…

MonthInterest EarnedMonies AddedCash flow7/06$0.00($200.00)($200.00)8/06$1.92$0.00$1.929/06$2.33($200.00)($197.67)10/06$2.73($1,231.17)($1,228.44)11/06$13.65($1,430.43)($1,416.78)12/06$25.40($300.00)($274.60)1/07 $3,441.44 $0.00$3441.44

My IRR jumped from 1.11% to 1.41%. While I like to see it going up, what I am really interested in seeing is how it performs with late payments. To be clear, I am not asking for a late borrower, but I expect to have one eventually.

I welcome comments in this area, I am just starting to wrap my head around this problem.

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