My Prosper Internal Rate of Return Update (End of Jly 07) = 0.57% | P2P Lending, Peer to Peer Lending, People to People Lending

This is a RateLadder only IRR update. (An IRR lender “game” update is in the works.)

I saw a big spike in loan 1 month late or more.

Here is my permanent tracking page:

My Prosper IRR is defined as:

Monthly cash flows with one extra month using the current account value minus any loans 1 month or more late.

Current Account Value (used as interest earned in the last month) = $8,049.28

Current One Month or More Late Loan Values (used as monies added in last month) = $511.26

I use ProProsper to Calculate Prosper IRR. Excell’s XIRR function is also an option.

Current IRR = 0.57%

DateIRRDescription1/31/0712.21%Tracking Update. XIRR Restart.3/1/0712.86%Tracking Update.4/1/073.33%Tracking Update.5/1/073.57%Tracking Update.6/1/07(0.38%)Tracking Update.7/1/075.75%Tracking Update.8/1/070.57%Tracking Update.DateCash FlowReason7/7/06($200.00)Transfer To Prosper9/19/06($200.00)Transfer To Prosper10/10/06($200.00)Transfer To Prosper10/12/06($400.00)Transfer To Prosper10/13/06($36.31)Transfer To Prosper10/17/06($200.00)Transfer To Prosper10/23/06($246.58)Transfer To Prosper10/30/06($148.28)Transfer To Prosper11/6/06($45.00)Transfer To Prosper11/7/06($600.00)Transfer To Prosper11/8/06($49.94)Transfer To Prosper11/17/06($435.49)Transfer To Prosper11/30/06($300.00)Transfer To Prosper12/27/06($300.00)Transfer To Prosper1/25/07($150.00)Transfer To Prosper2/1/07($225.00)Transfer To Prosper2/21/07($25.00)Transfer To Prosper2/23/07($25.00)Transfer To Prosper3/22/07($200.00)Transfer To Prosper3/27/07($200.00)Transfer To Prosper3/27/07($70.00)Transfer To Prosper3/29/07($200.00)Transfer To Prosper4/5/2007($111.09)Transfer To Prosper4/6/2007($200.00)Transfer To Prosper4/11/2007($200.00)Transfer To Prosper4/17/2007($25.00)Transfer To Prosper4/18/2007($75.00)Transfer To Prosper4/19/2007($25.00)Transfer To Prosper4/20/2007($25.00)Transfer To Prosper4/23/2007($25.00)Transfer To Prosper4/24/2007($25.00)Transfer To Prosper4/25/2007($75.00)Transfer To Prosper4/26/2007($25.00)Transfer To Prosper4/27/2007($25.00)Transfer To Prosper5/2/2007($25.00)Transfer To Prosper5/3/2007($25.00)Transfer To Prosper5/4/2007($75.00)Transfer To Prosper5/7/2007($25.00)Transfer To Prosper5/8/2007($25.00)Transfer To Prosper5/9/2007($25.00)Transfer To Prosper5/10/2007($25.00)Transfer To Prosper5/11/2007($75.00)Transfer To Prosper5/18/2007($75.00)Transfer To Prosper5/21/2007($25.00)Transfer To Prosper5/22/2007($500.00)Transfer To Prosper5/25/2007($75.00)Transfer To Prosper6/1/2007($25.00)Transfer To Prosper6/6/2007($25.00)Transfer To Prosper6/12/2007($50.00)Transfer To Prosper6/13/2007($25.00)Transfer To Prosper6/14/2007($25.00)Transfer To Prosper6/15/2007($25.00)Transfer To Prosper6/18/2007($25.00)Transfer To Prosper6/19/2007($25.00)Transfer To Prosper6/20/2007($25.00)Transfer To Prosper6/21/2007($25.00)Transfer To Prosper6/22/2007($25.00)Transfer To Prosper6/25/2007($25.00)Transfer To Prosper6/26/2007($25.00)Transfer To Prosper6/27/2007($25.00)Transfer To Prosper6/28/2007($25.00)Transfer To Prosper6/29/2007($25.00)Transfer To Prosper6/30/2007($500.00)Transfer To Prosper7/2/2007($175.00)Transfer To Prosper7/2/2007($25.00)Transfer To Prosper7/3/2007($25.00)Transfer To Prosper7/4/2007($25.00)Transfer To Prosper7/5/2007($25.00)Transfer To Prosper7/6/2007($25.00)Transfer To Prosper8/1/07$8,049.28Current Account Value8/1/07($511.26)1 Month or More LateBlog Traffic ExchangeRelated PostsBlog Traffic ExchangeRelated Websites

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