My First Kiva Payments Are Made On Time — Rate Ladder

About a month ago I made my 4 loans on Kiva to women in Somoa. I was both testing Kiva and hopefully making the world a better place. Kiva allows you to make individual loans to people in need through NGOs around the world.Â

I went with 4 women from Somoa. I have always felt some affinity for Somoians as we have similar physical statures.

3 of those 4 loans have now made a payment. With Kiva you don’t actually recieve any payments until the entire loan is repaid. I will continue to watch my Kiva account. I wish these women the best. Good luck.

Read more about Kiva rom actaul lenders at the Kiva Forum

Here is the Kiva RateLadder Page.

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