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I was looking into my Google Analytics statistics from 1/9/2007. (I made it to the 3rd page of Reddit and stayed most of the day with my story Using for Your Emergency Fund – 312% improvement over CD Ladder). 90+% of my traffic came as a reddit referral. I had over 1000 unique visitors for the story alone!!! Not bad for a niche blog that opened less than 1 month ago. I am thoroughly enjoying the journey.

On to my point, on the top 10 list of source was a blog I didn’t recognize: Curious, I investigated further and found the following excellent story: Things Surrounding Prosper

My site is mentioned as an interesting blog on prosper. Thanks Hollow Oak.

Just today I came across, a site by a Prosper lender.

The blog is very interesting, but the owner violates Prosper’s data rights by posting extended credit information and make me slightly squeamish about the information he posts on his late loans. I guess he’s yet to hear about the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Hollow Oak and I had a discussion on the prosper forums. After thinking about the responses I decided to remove all of the offending material. I left him a comment on at his site telling him. If you would like to leave a comment for to his post here is the link: Money Walks – Things Surrounding Prosper

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