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MicroPlace :: Invest Wisely, End Poverty.MicroPlace, an Ebay company just launched. It is kinda like kiva.org, except that you invest in securities which pay interest (1%-3%) and the companies offering the notes handle the individual investments. So you are purchasing a pool of investments were the actual investments are made companies on the ground.

The sign up was painless and easy. Like Kiva they use paypal (duh ebay) to handle payment processing. I really like paypal as the payment processor as I can get cash back by using my credit card on my charitable lending. I also really like that I am making some return while helping the less fortunate in the world.

After, signup I made a $100 3% investment in “FUNDESER via Calvert Community Investment Note” which means that Calvert Community is raisng the funds for FUNDERSER, FUNDESER will make and process loans, returning the some proceeds to Calert Community, whihc will pay the principal and interest to me.


We are a micro-finance institution that specializes in rural financial services, with a social focus. We are affiliated with the Nicaragua Association of Micro-Finance Institutions and through it with the Central American Micro-Finance Network.

FUNDESER was formed in an institutional process that has been going on for 10 years. It started as a small farming and fishing development project, linked to the Catholic Church and a Nicaraguan charitable organization, then became a financial services and technical assistance program, and finally to what it is now, an institution specialized in rural financial services with a social focus.

We operate through a wide network of branches throughout the country. We have agencies and offices at key points in rural areas to be close to rural customers, who are poorer and more isolated.


To permanently and effectively meet the demand for financial services by small and medium-size farmers and fishermen, proprietors of micro-enterprises and wage earners, in rural or urban environments, with fairness and equality of opportunity for men and women.

Message to investors

Investors and Friends!

Nicaragua, located in the middle of Central America, is considered to be the second poorest country in Latin America, right behind Haiti. Here poverty wears a woman’s face and is basically found in the rural areas of the country where FUNDESER has a presence.

As you know, the great merit of micro-finance has been the integration of two worlds that until recently seemed incompatible with each other: the world of poverty and the world of finance. The role of micro-finance is therefore to help democratize capital.

With your investment, FUNDESER can increase the scope of its micro-credit and thus help hundreds of families to rise above poverty the same way Auxiliadora Soza, Nora Guadalupe Hernández Pérez and Arcia del Socorro Blanco Guadamúz did.

Together we can make a change!

Calvert Foundation professionally manages a portfolio of loans to over 200 leading microfinance institutions, nonprofit organizations and social enterprises working to alleviate poverty around the world. Calvert Foundation brings over a decade of experience monitoring these organizations in order to effectively manage the risk and return of your investment dollars.

By purchasing the Calvert Community Investment Note on MicroPlace, the full value of your principal is lent out to the lending organiation you select. Calvert Foundation exercises prudent portfolio management through diversification and a protective layer of loss reserves to minimize the risk of your investment in the Calvert Community Investment Notes.

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