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Here is the actual Prosper Loan Analyzer that I use when evaluating a single loan. For input it takes the credit grade, debt to income ratio, and loan amount. It looks at all loans in the last 100 days with the same credit grade, DTI 0% to DTI+10%, and loan amount +/- $5,000 dollars. It returns a graph of the average interest rate by loan amount and calculates the number of loans, average amount borrowed, weighted average interest rate by amount borrowed, and the standard deviation of the interest rate. Give it a try. FYI: Prosper loans are from $1,000 to $25,000 dollars.

Concurrent Users weren’t releasing properly from iframe. I apologize it simply didn’t work.

Also, this data can be several days old. A much better and more flexible version of this tool without a concurent user problem with the latest data and with more flexibility is available. Plus it is free!!

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