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A few weeks ago Rob Garcia at Lending Club announced updates to the lending account management features. I apologize it has taken me this long to cover the update, but I have been busy at work and frankly without lenders having the ability to lend money I was lacking motivation. Well I got to it this weekend and so I thought I would give a quick writeup…

Monthly Statements

This has been a long time coming. On page 2 is exactly what I need in order to track Lending Club in Quicken the way I track Prosper in Quicken. Here is the information on that page for Jan 08 (more interesting than then months since the quiet period began.)

Lending Club Statement

Lending Club Statement

Account Activity

This information is also now available via the account activity tab… Here is my recent activity…

Lending Club Account Activity

Lending Club Account Activity

Creating Your Own Portfolio Views

This seems like it might be a good way to group loans so that loan performance could be compared by loan groups. It is up to the account holder to define the “portfolios”. This seems like a good feature for the large lender interested in dissecting their performance; however, there is a major thin data problem for any loan group of less than 35 to 50 loans minimum.


There are some other change when it comes to traversing your account. basically around retrieving and sorting loan while on the Lending Club website…

My Conclusions

Statements were sorely overdue and I am glad to have them. When is this quiet period going to end?

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