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Lending Club is starting to scare me.

I put $5K on there to capture the 5% bonus, and I’m in the process of lending it out. I logged on today, and find that my “Available Cash” is $0.00, when it should be well over $1000!!!

I called “customer service”, and was invited to leave a message and wait for a call back. I did so, and we’ll see what happens.

No monthly statements, disappearing cash, flaky web site (sometimes the “available cash” and “principal remaining” detail boxes are there, and sometimes they aren’t).

I’m seriously wondering if I’ve made a big mistake getting involved with what seems like a half-baked operation.

@J and RateLadder:

We had to take the site down to correct an
issue with one of our operations partners that was causing the cash total appear incorrect for lenders.

Fortunately, thanks to the quick action taken, there was no impact to users’ accounts, aside from the obvious inability to use the site for that period of time.

We are working hard with all our partners to eliminate these unexpected operational issues.

Feel free to write me directly at feedback@lendingclub.com in the future.

Best regards,

Rob Garcia
Director, Web Production
Lending Club

PS. J, we are working on the monthly statements ;-)

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