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I started a similar topic at the P2P No Bank Forum on this subject: Lending Club Advanced Search or Investment Credit Filters

However I wanted to post here as well… My money has not yet cleared into Lending Club, so I have been using the site and trying to find loans I would like to bid on as a test.

The LendingMatch interface is very easy to use, but I am left wanting a little more control. For example, I would like to use my knowledge of extended credit I have built up (sometimes painfully) on Prosper (Analyzing My Late Loans) at LendingClub. I haven’t found an easy way to find loans that meet my credit filters without browsing each and every loan and look by hand.

Anybody who is an LC user care to enlighten me… What is the easies way to find loan that match extended credit filter(s)?

I am committed to trying LC, I am starting my investment at $500. I would like my investment to eventually be at least $1250 or to have each $25 loan account for no more than 2% of my portfolio at LC. I am hoping to avoid the pitfalls I made at Prosper.

Do you know the definition of expert? Someone who has already made all the mistakes. :)

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