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It’s hard to write about a negative blog post without coming across as rabidly harsh. And zcommodore and I are pussycats compared to the agitators over on the renameable forums. In the end, though, a (now deleted) forum poll had folks running about 95% against the change vs 5% for. Since you can count on 10% to vote on almost anything, I find it the opposition to the change truly remarkable.

The forum situation is kinda tragic right now.

The old forums were a mess with trolls posting junk all over the place and Prosper not doing much to stop it. I wondered on a number of occasions what could be done to remedy that. A few people had gotten banned and I was thinking we might be turning a corner. When the new forums were announced I was pretty excited. In reaction to that situation, it seems that Prosper has locked the new forums down rather tight, to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen.

The sad thing is that I can see the rationale and I can ‘t really give a better alternative, I’m just not wild about aspects of the solution.
For now I’m hoping that things will ease up over time.

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