Fibonacci Golden Ratio | P2P Lending, Peer to Peer Lending, People to People Lending

I have posted twice in the last week about ways one could use Fibonacci when lending on Prosper: Prosper Diversification using Fibonacci to diversify by credit grades and Start Investing P2P Lending using Fibonacci to guide how quickly you move you money onto Prosper.

To be clear I am not suggesting that using Fibonacci in these circumstances is perfect or the only way, but it does seem reasonable. I find that Fibonacci and the related golden ratio are often useful in deriving heuristics to attack large problems (NP and NP complete).

I guess what I am wondering is how else might one use Fibonacci or the Golden Ratio to guide decisions on Prosper. To that end I am throwing this one out to my readers. Nothing is out of bounds as long as you use Fibonacci / Golden Ratio and Prosper.

Please leave a comment. The best responses will be guest posts in the future.

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