Fed Cuts Interest Rates — Now is the Time to Buy a Zopa CD | P2P Lending, Peer to Peer Lending, People to People Lending

For the regular reads this may be a bit of a rehash (Fed Cuts Rate 75 Basis Points — I bought a Zopa US CD at 5.1%), but the fed cut rates again today… If you have been considering buying a CD now is the time a Zopa is the place. They are currently offering a 3.75% APY.

Buy buying your CD with this link you will be helping to reduce the interest rate of my Zopa loan. Zopa took best in show honors at finovate based on a presentation where the CEO Doug Dolton had everyone thinking it was possible to get a negative interest rate loan. I am not disputing that it is possible, in fact I hope it happens to me.

To that end, here is my standing offer… If you are a blogger/website owner/operator and buy a Zopa CD that helps my loan I will give you a permanent link in this post. If you help my loan by $1/month or more I will give a link in this post and my blogroll. (Huge discount against my ratecard.)

So how about it? Get a a great rate on a CD, help a blogger with his loan, and get a link(s) in return.

Regardless, more on Zopa at finovate tomorrow.

Zopa 3.75%

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