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Many, Many people have asked me if there was an easy way to get the Prosper XML files as CSV (comma separated values). In response, I have build a utility that does just that. I contributed the utility to the Prosper API Open Source Project on SourceForge.

With CSV files you can easily import the files into older versions of MS Access (with access 2007 you can import the xml directly) and various statistics packages (SASS, MatLab). I tried to make the utility extremely easy to use. In that spirit I have also built a single JAR file, which you can download here: ProsperXMLtoCSV.jar. By using the single JAR you do not need to worry about your class path and various other java idiosyncrasies.

Please note that these CSV files are larger than can be opened in Excel. If you do open with excel some rows will be missing.

There are 2 ways to run the jar; however, only one way provides you with feedback during the long process of parsing the XML files and producing the CSV files. So I will only tell you how to run the jar with feedback.

With java 5 or better installed and in your path use the following command line from the directory containing the ProsperXMLtoCSV.jar file…

java -jar ProsperXMLtoCSV.jar ProsperXMLFileLocation CSVDestinationDirectory

  • Prosper XML File Location: this is either the relative or fully qualified path to the Prosper XML file you are trying to parse
  • CSV Destination Directory: optional (if left off the current directory will be used) this is either the relative or fully qualified path to the destination directory for the CSV files

When you run this file you are given an output similar to this (this output was for the private data file)…

If you like this utility consider supporting future open source development with a donation via paypal:

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