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Fantasy link exchange is when you name (with links) the 35 blogs with which you would like to exchange blogroll links. In an ideal world they find out about your desire from Technorati or or sheer luck and consummate the exchange.

  1. The Simple Dollar
  2. I Will Teach You To Be Rich
  3. Get Rich Slowly
  4. Blueprint for Financial Prosperity
  5. My Money Blog
  6. Wise Bread
  7. Consumerism Commentary –>Links Exchanged!
  8. Five Cent Nickel
  9. Free Money Finance –>Links Exchanged!
  10. Fat Pitch Financials
  11. All Financial Matters
  12. Pro Bargain Hunter
  13. Mighty Bargain Hunter
  14. Boston Gal’s Open Wallet
  15. Binary Dollar
  16. My 1st Million at 33
  17. Experiments in Finance
  18. 2million
  19. Blogging Away Debt
  20. No Credit Needed
  21. Stop Buying Crap
  22. The Suns Financial Diary
  23. Finandom
  24. Money, Matter, and More Musings –>Links Exchanged!
  25. Mom Advice
  26. No Limits Ladies.
  27. Make Love, Not Debt
  28. Money Musings
  29. My Two Dollars –>Links Exchanged!
  30. Its Just Money
  31. Everybody Loves Your Money
  32. GenX Finance
  33. My Open Wallet
  34. Tired But Happy
  35. Young and Broke

Why should you link exchange with RateLadder?

1st and foremost is content: original, compelling, and on topic content. I started my blog in December 06 and I have been averaging over 1 post per day of content. I don’t mean to toot my horn, but I hope you find it as interesting, compelling, and on topic as I do. I have spent significant amount of time thinking about and working on posts.

I had a minor reddit flood for my post comparing a CD Ladder to a portfolio. (1000 users 2000 page views.) Spent most of one day on the 3rd page. Use Prosper and get a 312% Increase over a CD Ladder for Your Emergency Fund.

I was asked to speak at a prosper days session in February: Third Party Application Showcase. This happened after I adjusted the prosper data dump to work with SQL Server 2000 and posted it on my blog. (It only works with SQL Server 2005 by default.)

I promise to continuing posting to the blog and follow my prosper journey for at least 3 years.

Anyone interested in a link exchange (not just my fantasy link exchange candidates) – add a link from your site’s main page to Send me an email to kevin [at] rateladder [dot] com asking for a reciprocal link. I am very responsive. I am not sure if I am supposed to be picky or not, but please have a page rank (not zero) OR relevant content (money, finance, debt, bank, p2p lending, etc.).

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