Expanding Business — Pimp My Listing #4 | P2P Lending, Peer to Peer Lending, People to People Lending

Welcome to the fourth installment of Pimp my Listing. Here we have a C Credit with super clean extended credit.
Asking for 25K @ 25%. I have bid $50 at 24.94% and 22.94% and my standing order will bid again if 30% funded is reached.

Thank You to all who bid on past 3 lisitngs.

Purpose of loan:
1) Purchase more displays for new locations in town.
2) Expand business throughout town and into neighboring towns.
3) Have enough working capital fro space rents & business expenses until new locations start to yield a positive cash flow.
4) Consolidate business credit cards.

My financial situation:
Have never, ever been late or delinquent on paying a loan back, personal or business. My business is already established. I just need quick working capital to expand the business so I can double my revenue, decrease DTI, increase credit score back up to <750.

Monthly net income: $ 4,500

Monthly expenses: $ 2,900
Housing: $ 500
Insurance: $ 45
Car expenses: $ 474
Utilities: $ 300
Phone, cable, internet: $ 175
Food, entertainment: $ 100
Clothing, household expenses $ 0
Credit cards and other loans: $ 350
Other expenses: $ 1000

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