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Here is a current listing from EveryDay People. This listing has an excellent chance of funding. In addition, Everyday People’s Group Leader StaciM has also endorsed AND BID on the listing. (Personally I think an endorsement without a bid is meaningless… kudos StaciM). The reason StaciM can bid with confidence is that she really gets to know the people in her group — she independently verifies many of the facts in the individuals story.

The only thing I would have done differently is to put a higher starting rate. In the case of D, E, and HR I believe in starting at the maximum (in this case 24% — state cap and GL fee) and allowing the market to fully fund and then bid down a quality listing. That being said the 23% is not out of line with the marketplace. (Edit: StaciM has informed me that, “he is at the max rate, less the GL reward. Remember Prosper always holds back 1%”… in which case I think this listing is very well done indeed.)

This is about as clean a D as you will find and the reason for the credit score is clearly laid out in the listing and verified by the GL. What more could you want?

Purpose of loan:
I would like to pay off all my high interest credit card debt. In this case it is all the debt I have.

My financial situation:
I currently gross 53,503.00 a year. Monthly is 4458.58. About 5 1/2 year ago I got out of the military and fought for 2 years trying to keep up with all my payments but was unsuccessful considering I was not making what I made in the military and had to file for bankruptcy. The last 3 1/2 years (since the bankruptcy) I have never been late on any payments and have had perfect credit since. Unfortunately the bankruptcy is keeping my credit score down in the low 600′s which is why I’m rated as a D on this site. I am a safe bet with a great interest rate for you investors.

I recently divorced and would like to consolidate all my bills into one payment and to save some money from the credit card interest rates. My current debt is from a home remodel which upon selling they were going to get paid off but the home did not sell for what was expected and it had to sell quickly. I am not one to just run up credit cards because I want a new toy. I am very careful with my money, I just made a bad call on an investment. I currently make plenty of money for this loan and my other payments listed below. My debt to income ratio is a little high do to the other auto loan my ex-wife and I have. She has this vehicle and it is written in the divorce decree that she is responsible for this loan and it’s debt. She has already been removed from all other accounts with my name on it.

Although I just started my current job a couple of months ago I have been in the same field of work for 7 years and love what I do. I have had a great professional relationship with my current jobs CEO and executives for the last 3 years which is why they asked me to come join their team. My job is very stable and I don’t plan on going anywhere. Thanks again for your time.

Monthly net income: $

Monthly expenses: $
Housing: $ 905.00
Insurance: $ 135.00
Car expenses: $ 769.00 Gas 200.00
Utilities: $ 120.00
Phone, cable, internet: $ 99.00
Food, entertainment: $ 200.00
Clothing, household expenses $ 50.00
Credit cards and other loans: $ 386.00 monthly, total 9375.00 This will be paid off with this loan.
Other expenses: $

Here is another random listing from EveryDay People.

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