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I received an email from Merry Richter (Director of Content and Marketing at Lending Club). The email is basically announcing that lending club is now a marketplace off of Facebook in addition to on Facebook. I must have signed up for marketing email.

Greetings from Lending Club!

After 100 days as a Facebook application and $1,000,000 in loans issued among Facebook members, Lending Club is opening its doors to the general public.

You can now sign up directly on . While Facebook is still a valued partner, it is no longer required that you have a Facebook account to use Lending Club.

Borrowers can apply for loans from $500 to $25,000 using an easy online application, and lenders can build diversified loan portfolios based on their credit preferences and affinity relationships. Whether you are a borrower or a lender, you’ll get better rates than those offered by banks and credit card companies.

Lending Club’s proprietary technology, LendingMatch, helps lenders quickly identify the best loan opportunities based upon personal affinities such as geography, workplace, education and associations. LendingMatch sorts among affinity criteria that includes 47,000 US cities; 1,000 companies; 500 government agencies; 6,300 colleges and universities; 1,600 national associations and other organizations; as well as up to 6 million active Facebook groups and networks.

At this time, you can be either a borrower or a lender, but not both. Please choose wisely!

Better Rates. Together.

Best regards,

Merry from Lending Club

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