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My own feelings are that groups shouldn’t matter to lenders… There is a vocal bunch that claim only good groups matter… I personally think the only place for groups is in borrower generation and education. Source new borrowers and educate any borrower. And get paid for it. Personally, I wouldn’t mind having an affiliate account.

That being said… I caused a minor uproar on the forum today by suggesting that I don’t care that a GL is buying a 5 star rating because it doesn’t affect my lending decision. The target of the posts was the 2 millionaires.

I decided to talk straight to the horse. I have their answers to


I will be publishing their responses, but I thought I would give the uninitiated a chance to catch up… I should warn my readers there is bad blood on both sides of the argument and neither holds any punches. It is fascinating reading.

Here is the forum thread I started today: It has some links to additional background threads.

Check back tomorrow to hear from the 2 millionaires.

p.s. for a sneak peak check out the comments on my post from this morning (2 millionaires and leporello… a good summary of both sides:

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