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I clicked on the link above for the “single jar file” and it downloads a zip archive. There are no files in the archive called ProsperXMLtoCSV.jar

There is something called main.jar, but I get errors when I run that.

I don’t speak java, and I just want to get either CSV files, or this loaded into SQL Server without me having to write any java or VB. Please help.

Like Jeff, I am also confused as to how to follow the instructions above. Can someone please assist?

You write:

“With java 5 or better installed…”
– I am running Java 6.7

“…and in your path…”
– I don’t know what is meant by this exactly

“…use the following command line from the directory containing the ProsperXMLtoCSV.jar file…”
– As Jeff notes above, there are no files in the zipped archive by that file name

“…java -jar ProsperXMLtoCSV.jar ProsperXMLFileLocation CSVDestinationDirectory”
– I’m not clear about where to enter this command

This would be an incredibly helpful utility if I can get it working. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Ok, for those of you still having trouble, here are some additional instructions for how to run this conversion:

1. You must save the above ProsperXMLtoCSV.jar link to your computer as a *.jar file, NOT as a *.zip file. Right-click on the link and select “Save target as…” to accomplish this.

2. You must start with an open Command Prompt. From Windows, go to Start\Programs\Accessories and select Command Prompt. The user interface should look like MS DOS.

3. You must run the above Java command as indicated from the directory into which you have saved the *.jar file. It is helpful to save the *.jar file in the same directory as your Prosper *.xml file(s).

4. Within the Java command, “ProsperXMLFileLocation” is the actual name of your *.xml file that you want to convert. If you are running the command from the same directory that your file is located in, you can just type the name of the file with the *.xml extension included.

Hope this helps.

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