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This is a off the topic of Prosper, but since I am going to send the proceeds to my Prosper account I think it works. :)

I read an article in a leading national magazine on buying domains for use as AdSense sites (arbitrage between the cheap misspelled AdWords and the expensive correctly spelled AdSense ads.) As I dug deeper I discovered domain parking and resale. I briefly looked into this business, but decided it was way too much ongoing work and that all the best domains are snapped up by expert resellers with automatic scripts. Still this experiment lasted about 2 weeks and I ended up with some domains (like 10 when you combine with my other inactive domains.)

None of the domains generate a huge amount of traffic or revenue but one or two were better than the rest. Cut to yesterday. My 3rd best domain (by traffic) was purchased for the asking price of $250. Sweet!!! I paid $25 in commission to Sedo where I have my domains parked and suddenly this 2 week experiment was profitable. I just transferred $225 from paypal to my bank and initiated a $225 transfer to prosper. Next week the money will be in play.

I don’t know if I will sell any more domains or make any money from the parking, but it was an interesting experiment.

Here are my parked domains that are for sale. There are a lot of cd ladder domains because of a business idea I had to automate cd laddering at the best rates in the country. The idea fizzled but some of the domains are pretty good. Make me an offer :)

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